Privacy policy

1. Identifying Purposes

Naloxone North only collects user data for the purpose of creating a Naloxone kit request to a fulfilling pharmacy, and only serves as a facilitator in the transaction. Information is not stored on the app after the request has been sent successfully, and is removed from the server after transmission is complete.

2. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Naloxone North does not retain any user identifying informtion on the app aside from the name input on the certificate, at any point longer than is necessary to generate the request to the pharmacy for a Naloxone kit. Information submitted through the app may be kept by, and at the descretion of, the pharmacy fulfilling the Naloxone kit request.

3. Location Data

The app may require location access in order to find pharmacies near you. It does not retain or record this information. App materials are still accessible without enabling location features.